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About Sushi Palace

Sushi Palace was first opened at Hamden location in 2006 by an immigrant couple, Xiu Cai and Yan Xiao. Their original plan was to make a basic living from the restaurant to support their kids who were still in China at the time. Soon after grand opening they found the joy of seeing the smiles on the customers face when they bring the food out. Since then the mission statement of Sushi Palace has become "Offering Delicious and Affordable Sushi for those Sushi Lovers". 

We know that sushi can be expensive, so in the year of 2008 Sushi Palace has switched to All You Can Eat style, where you can get unlimited amount of sushi, sashimi, maki rolls, special rolls, kitchen appetizers, and finish off with some delicious ice cream!

Ever since Sushi Palace has been proudly serving authentic sushi for all the sushi lovers in the Hamden area, and soon after we opened up two more locations, one in Orange and one in North Haven. Come and enjoy great food with your friends and family!